Questions you might ask yourself

    • "Do you ship to my country?"

    Yes. I ship everywhere but North Korea and countries with fugged governments.

    • "Where is this store based and will it affect shipping costs?"

    I am based in France at the moment and shipping cost will be calculated taking this into account. Most small orders ( - 8 patches ) will cost 3$ w/o tracking and 6.50$ with tracking. Bigger orders ( 10 + patches ~ ) will cost 7.50$ without tracking and 10$ with tracking.

    This is an estimation of shipping rates for the time being, however if you notice a problem at checkout (can't select a rate) do not hesitate to contact us.

    • "How long does it take to process orders?"

    All orders, Domestic or International, take 3-5 business days in processing. Orders cannot be sent during saturday and sunday so take this into account if you order towards the end of the week, the order will be sent on monday most likely. Also take note that since only one person is packing order, it might take a bit more time depending on the current workload.

    • "Do you stamp / print anything on your packages?"

    I stamp my brand logo on every packages, if you desire your package to be left untouched, Include this information in your note when finalizing an order.

    • "When will X  be restocked?"

    Restocks will be announced on social media and through mails if you subscribed, but they will most likely be sparse . If you want an item you should probably buy it otherwise, it could be a long time before you see them again.

    • "There's something wrong with my order, what should I do?"
    If there's something wrong with your order, contact me either through the "contact us" page on the store, or through my email at stormcrowsupply@gmail.com
      • "Awoo?"

      Awoo world order.